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Colchester and District Tennis League 2020




The Executive Committee unaminously feel that we must unfortunately abandon the Colchester and District League fixtures this year, in order to be extra cautious with this unknown predicament, but also taking into account the advice available to us from both the local and national Lawn Tennis Associations. We hope that as time passes and more guidance becomes available, that Clubs will possibly arrange inter-club "friendly matches" off their own backs later in the Summer "to help keep both the game and spirits alive".

Club's affiliation fees will be returned in due course.


We are advised that  all LTA organised training sessions, training courses and competitions are cancelled and as a result all LTA staged and LTA approved competitions (grade 1 to 6) up to  31 May 2020  must be cancelled, with the status of future competitions under constant review. 

As far as the C&DTL is concerned, so much is unknown and the date when we might be resuming some normal tennis activities is being pushed further and further into the future.

Consequently (and not unexpectedly I'm sure) your Committee has reluctantly decided there is no alternative but to cancel this Summer's Open Tournament.

In the meantime please "Keep Well"



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THE LEAGUE'S PRESS OFFICER'S REPORT for 2020 (No.1) might appear here.



The Colchester & District Tennis League is very pleased to announce that the League will be sponsored by Mr Bob Smith of 'Stringers World' in Brantham. He is probably well known to many of you but for those who would like further information about 'Stringers World' please




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